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NJ Floats Bill for New Federal Subsidies for Solar

Solar Panels


Lawmakers in New Jersey are considering a bill (S-2276) to deploy more solar panels in the state. The bill would sharply ramp up the deployment of solar systems in New Jersey over the next few years.

It also includes whether electric and gas customers should continue subsidizing growth of the sector through a surcharge on their monthly bills.

Similar bills passed by the Senate would target an 80% renewable standard by 2050; the House is still considering that as well.

Critics including the state Division of Rate Counsel are questioning the cost; which they are projecting at $276 million for the expense of accelerating solar systems. They are projecting it could cost utility customers an additional $276 million which is an estimate disputed by clean energy advocates.

New Jersey is also considering moving its renewable goals from 22% to 80% by 2050, beginning with an 11% requirement in 2017 and increasing by 10% every five years. Sen. Bob Smith sponsored both the RPS and solar bills. A similar measure passed the Senate last year but then failed to advance.

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