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Natural gas customers to soon see a significant increase in winter bills

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Some natural gas customers in northeast Missouri will be paying more to heat their homes this winter. Liberty Utilities announced on Monday that due to estimated changes in the wholesale cost of natural gas and the Actual Cost Adjustment (ACA) factor, customers will see natural gas rates change under a filing that takes effect on December 4. The ACA factor tracks any over-collection or under-collection of actual natural gas costs over a 12-month period. The net over- or under-collected balances are subsequently either refunded or collected the next year.

Liberty Utilities’ ACA includes costs associated with the February 2021 Cold Weather Event (Winter Storm Uri) which had a significant impact on certain natural gas prices. Last November, the Missouri Public Service Commission approved a request filed by Liberty Utilities extending the ACA recovery period in the Northeast, West and Southeast Districts from 12 months to three years, spreading the costs from the February 2021 Cold Weather Event over a longer period of time to mitigate the impact on customer bills. As of December 4, residential customers in the Kirksville District currently pay approximately $0.38 per Ccf of natural gas will see the rate will increase to approximately $1.27 per Ccf. The Kirksville District includes customers in Adair, Macon and Schuyler counties.

Other Liberty regions seeing increases are:

  • Northeast District: Residential customers currently pay approximately $0.60 per Ccf (per hundred cubic feet) of natural gas. Under this filing, the rate will increase to approximately $0.98 per Ccf. Liberty Utilities serves Northeast District customers in the Missouri counties of Clark, Lewis, Knox, Marion, Pike, Ralls and Scotland....

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