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'Teeth-chattering' winter with plenty of snow, Farmers' Almanac predicts

'Teeth-chattering' winter with plenty of snow, Farmers' Almanac predicts

Hold onto your wool caps: we may be in for a brutal winter.

Unlike other news stories predicting a warm, wet winter, the Farmers' Almanac predicts a "colder-than-normal" season, stretching from the Continental Divide to the Appalachians.

“Contrary to the stories storming the web, our time-tested, long-range formula is pointing toward a very long, cold, and snow-filled winter," said editor Peter Geiger in a statement on the company's website.

The popular forecaster said frigid conditions are expected in mid-February across the New England, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and the Midwest.

Above-normal snowfall is predicted for the Great Lakes, Midwest, New England and Pacific Northwest, they said.

Stormy conditions are expected to hang around through the official start of spring.

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